NIMHANS  Code Blue Team

Code Blue
It is the rapid response team created to attend the unresponsive, apneic or pulseless patient. NIMHANS code blue team can be activated through the intercom system. 

How to activate NIMHANS Code Blue Team?

How to activate code blue?
Immediately noticing an adult either patient or their relatives or even an employee become unresponsive, apneic or pulseless, the notifying person can activate the code blue team. The following steps are involved in it.
Step 1
First dial *4 from the nearest intercom connection.
Step 2
Then listen to type your user ID and password, there you can press “3”
Step 3
After pressing 3, a ‘beep’ sound will come to wait for it. Then record your message. Eg:- “A patient becomes unresponsive at casualty, needs assistance for resuscitation”. Note that your message should be clear, short and location should be spelled clearly.
Step 4
After recording the message press 8, then our message will read it by the system.
Step 5
Then Press 1 for confirmation or 2 for repeat or cancel.

If you are confirmed by pressing 1 button, the call will be disconnected automatically. If you pressed 2, you can re-record the message or disconnect the activation call.
So the code blue team will reach the location within 5 minutes of time with an emergency kit. Meantime the person can arrange other things to handle the situation.

Code blue team members

  • Code Team Leader – Anaesthetist / Emergency / Critical Care Doctor on duty
  • First Responder
  • Bedside Nursing officer (sometimes the same as First Responder)
  • Recorder (sometimes called the Scribe)
  • Respiratory Compressor(s)
  • Vascular Access/ Medication RN (sometimes two different Nursing Officer’s)
  • Code Cart Nursing Officer
  • Runner
  • Security

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