Department of Integrative Medicine, NIMHANS

Department of Integrative Medicine

NIMHANS, or the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, is a premier medical institute in India that is dedicated to the advancement of mental health and neurosciences. NIMHANS is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, and is recognized as a deemed university by the University Grants Commission.

Integrative medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare that aims to integrate the best of traditional and complementary medicine with modern evidence-based approaches. It emphasizes the importance of the whole person, including physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of health, and aims to address the root cause of a person’s health issues rather than just treating their symptoms.

NIMHANS offers a range of integrative medicine services as part of its holistic approach to healthcare. These services may include acupuncture, ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, and yoga, among others. In addition to these modalities, NIMHANS also offers a range of conventional medical treatments, such as pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy, for the management of mental health conditions.

NIMHANS is known for its expertise in the field of mental health and neurosciences, and its integrative medicine services are designed to complement and enhance the effectiveness of its conventional treatments. The institute’s integrative medicine services are provided by trained practitioners who are knowledgeable in the principles and practices of their respective modalities.

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